Objects of presence

The connected home is a space composed of human ecologies integrating interactions with various data sensors and technological devices. In this context, how can an object that moves, expresses itself through movement in order to energise exchanges, while resonating with the general state of the house?

Yōkobo, an object that is understood through perception, and touches the poetic sensibility of everyone


Based on the notions of “robjet” (robotic everyday object) and “object with behaviour” (object that has its own behaviours giving the impression that it has intentions), Yōkobo was imagined and designed in the framework of a multidisciplinary research to reinforce the attachment between two people, at the crossroads of a sensitive approach and a robotics that makes the link between humans.

Through its expressiveness, it offers to be a conveyor of presence in the relationship between two people. Yōkobo is an object that is understood through perception, and touches the poetic sensibility of each person.

It is a research object that questions the contribution of the sensitive through movement in technological objects, and the meaning it brings to the everyday.

Find out more about Yōkobo.

Yōkobo, has been awarded theKawaii Kansei Design Award ® » ou かわいい感性デザイン賞は日本感性工学会の登録商標です


Dominique Deuff

Researcher in ergonomics and design | Orange Innovation

Dominique is a digital imaging engineer, then a computer science graduate. She spent two and a half years in Japan as a post-doctoral fellow before joining the Orange group. Her practice through different projects leads her to integrate design tools and approaches, and focuses her interest on user research. Her latest project on behavioural objects is the focus of her PhD work in ergonomics and design. In the personal sphere, Dominique has various activities; drawing, Japanese tea ceremony, Kendo and contemporary dance.

Isabelle Milleville

Head of Research | CNRS Nantes Science and Digital Laboratory

Initially trained in psychology and cognitive ergonomics, she is involved in research projects where she highlights the strength and richness of multidisciplinary for the design of efficient HMI. Her fields of application are focused on human interaction in and with virtual environments, but also on social robotics. Outside of her professional activities, she is involved and fulfilled in several forms of artistic expression such as drawing, theater or photography

Ioana Ocnarescu

Director Strate Reaserch | Strate Design School

Director of Strate Research, Ioana is in charge of a multidisciplinary team of researchers in Design and Human Sciences. At Strate School of Design Ioana promotes design research for students, teaches courses on experience design, design and robotics. She co-directs several PhD projects and is responsible for “Robotics by Design Lab – AI, Robots & Humans – ecologies of living together”. Outside of these activities she is nourished by art, plants and aesthetic experiences which she practices in small doses in her daily life.

Gentiane Venture

Professor of Robotics | University of Tokyo

Gentian’s Research is interested in the dynamics between human-robot-environment. Her group and her work are interdisciplinary in order to see robotics not as a scientific field with applications in certain areas but as an art of living together. When she is not working with robots, she enjoys cooking and cultivating her garden.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Since 1998, the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial has been a major cultural event in France and Europe. Supported by the city of Saint-Étienne, the only French city designated as a “Unesco Creative Design City”, and by the metropolis of Saint-Étienne, it welcomes designers, researchers, economic players, intellectuals, students, art lovers and the curious from all over the world to question the practice of design and experiment with its methods.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

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