Lille 2020

Remote medicine

09.11-15.11 2020
Maison Poc Creative care

Investigating the experience of remote medical consults via virtual reality

Valérie Ledunois, Frédérique Charbit et Alexandre Audoin

In this design exploration, we investigated the context of remote medical consults, especially from the public’s point of view. Since the onset of the covid-19 health crisis, people have discovered remote medical consults via video. For many it is, thus, possible today to project themselves in this type of medical care (back in January 2020, 40% of French people already declared they were ready to try this out).

We present an experimentation in which potential patients can design the doctor’s office for their remote medical consult, use virtual reality to model it and finally project themselves to scale inside the model to feel and confirm their choices. This design experiment focuses on monitoring the design process of the space, the key layout variables and potential layout archetypes that may emerge.

During Lille Metropole 2020 World Design Capital, discover this body of work at the Maison Poc Creative Care, located in La maison Folie Wazemmes, 70 rue des Sarrazins in Lille.

Let’s talk design

Valérie Ledunois, and Frédérique Charbit, respectively project manager and designer in the eXperience Design Lab at Orange, speak about their design steps and how they set this experiment up.

They based the experiment on the Sketch-your-place platform that Valérie had overseen with the technical help of Maxime Jouin and Yannick Coleno. Sketch-your-place is a VR (virtual reality) set up. Its primary objective is to allow new comers to VR to model with ease in 3D, creating a living space, furnishing, texturing and colouring it as they please. This activity happens at the 1/10th scale, and users can at any time immerse themselves in the space, visiting and experiencing the layout and decoration at the 1/1 scale.

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