Manifesto objects

Orange aims to be a trusted player with objective that in each of its areas of activity, digital technology is designed, made available and used in a more human, inclusive and substainable way. The challenge is therefore to embaody a responsible digital possibility.

The manifest objects are therefore the result of a reflection by the designers on these fundamental principles of Orange expressed into the Orange reason to believe.


Manifesting our digital uses

Prototyped in the form of black boxes, this set of functional bricks constitutes ‘The manifesto objects”.
Some objects encourage movement and allow us to act through simple gestures, others explicitly present figures or benchmarks of digital consumption.

For example, the manifesto object called Tinkerbell embodies our hyper-connection to mobile phones and the impact on our daily quality of life. By humorously pointing out our digital tics, Tinkerbell is activated as soon as we consult our smartphone.

There is also the Won/Woff object, which allows you to remotely turn off your Wi-Fi with a simple gesture, thus reducing your energy consumption.

The 4G Wi-Fi Memo object is an object that lets you know if you are on 4G or Wi-Fi at home. A stand-alone object associated with the Livebox, it prompts you to switch to Wi-Fi when you are still on 4G at home.

The Hello Future website also offers you to discover TicBot.

Camille Dauhut

Industrial designer | Orange Innovation

Camille likes to mix approaches of anticipation and exploration of the field in an international context. She enriches her projects with a watchful eye on emerging materials and her research work is always rooted in the culture of ‘making’ and prototyping.


Catherine Ramus

Research designer and engineer | Orange Innovation

Catherine works within Orange eXperience Design Lab and she is participating to many design research projets.

She is at the cross-road of the figure of ingineer and the artist. She is familiar with the stakes of the digital world, she explores in particular the data of this universe and the forms of materialisation. These works most often question in a playful way the various issues related to digital technology.


Frank Weens

Engineer Maker and UX Designer | Orange Innovation

Franck is a trained electronics and computer engineer. His additional training as a UX designer gives him a user’s vision. His creativity allows him to propose original solutions. The mix of computer and electronic components allows him to create complete and integrated prototypes. He creates many prototypes within the XDLab DNA team.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Since 1998, the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial has been a major cultural event in France and Europe. Supported by the city of Saint-Étienne, the only French city designated as a “Unesco Creative Design City”, and by the metropolis of Saint-Étienne, it welcomes designers, researchers, economic players, intellectuals, students, art lovers and the curious from all over the world to question the practice of design and experiment with its methods.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

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