International Design Biennale – Saint-Etienne 2022

06.04-31.07 2022

Since March 2020, the experience of restriction and confinement has changed the course of our lives, which have radically diverged worldwide.

From these events, the notion of bifurcation has led the design players to question themselves, making this topic the central theme of the 12th edition.

The goal  of this Biennial is to challenge the design creativity to go on an adventure: What is it already doing? What more can it do? How differently?


Olivier Peyricot, Scientific Director summarizes the 2022 Biennial in the following words:

“The Biennale is a solicitation for a collective thinking about the capacity for design to accompany the different changes in the world. Design is being debated in Saint-Etienne as a critical and forward-looking tool, an inventive method and a cultural phenomenon.”

Partnership with the Biennale

Orange, as a founding partner, alongside the “Cité du design” since 2008, is supporting the 12th edition of the International Design Biennial 2022, on the theme of “Bifurcations”. The event will be held from April 6 to July 31st, 2022.

At this time, Orange asserts its interest in new trends and design as a means of embodying technologies and imagining tomorrow’s services. Until 11th  June, Orange is presenting design as topics of research by the means of three projects and will offer workshops to the public around the concepts on display.

Three projects are associating design and research.

These three projects bring a sensitive approach to interactions between humans and machines.

  • Manifest objects
  • Objets of presence
  • Learning objects

Carried by the “Orange Design for Debate” program, these projects aim to shed light and question contemporary issues.

Photo of Chantal Maugin, Orange eXperience Design Lab director, Bernard Pelletier-Cuit, Regional delegate of Orange at Lyon and Thierry Mandon Saint-Etienne "Cité du Design" director at the Biennale.
Chantal Maugin, Orange eXperience Design Lab director, Bernard Pelletier-Cuit, Regional delegate of Orange at Lyon and Thierry Mandon Saint-Etienne “Cité du Design” director.

A wink from the Biennale

Manifesto objects

Camille Dauhut, Camille Ramus and Frank Weens showcase the manifesto objects in preview.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Since 1998, the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale has been a major cultural event in France and Europe. Supported by the city of Saint-Étienne, the only French city designated as a “Unesco Creative Design City”, and by the metropolis of Saint-Étienne, it welcomes designers, researchers, economic players, intellectuals, students, art lovers and the curious from all over the world to question the practice of design and experiment with its methods.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

The 2022 Biennale,
without Natacha

The Design Biennale opens this spring. It is an important event for designers from all horizons. It is an opportunity for Orange Design to showcase its practices and achievements. The 2019 Biennale was a success beyond our expectations. We owe a great deal to Natacha Hennocq, who was in charge of the editorial line and scripting. With sensitivity, creativity and rigour, Natacha has made the 2019 Biennial for Orange an unforgettable event. Tao, Frédérique, Camille, Thomas and all the Orange teams who worked for the success of this event remember her with emotion. On 26 May 2021, Natacha left us. We dedicate this Biennial 2022 to her.

Chantal Maugin, Director of eXperience Design Lab (xdlab).

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